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Worthing Homes – Spotlight On Popular Contractor

Worthing Homes ArticleFor the last year Worthing Homes have had a new contractor who repairs the white goods provided (for example oven, fridge, washing machine, tumble dryer) in our intermediate rent homes and communal areas.

They are Affordable Appliance Repairs, run by two senior engineers, Andy and Kalan. They formed a small team of locally trained engineers with over 20 years’ experience in the repair, servicing and sale of all white goods, which is backed up by friendly office staff. (more…)

Breast Cancer Campaign – London Marathon Raffle

IMG_1093Affordable Appliance Repairs are proud to be sponsoring local Worthing Mum Nicola Naish as she attempts the London Marathon in aid of the Breast Cancer Campaign. Nicola has been undergoing breast cancer treatment herself during the last couple of years and now wants to give something back to the charity.

To raise as much sponsorship money as possible a raffle has been put together focussing on first prize of a Hotpoint washing machine which the Affordable Appliance Repairs team have donated to the cause and had professionally sprayed pink! (more…)

Should You Purchase a Second-hand Appliance?

Appliance Angel
In today’s economy, a lot of people are choosing to purchase more of what they need or want second-hand. Does this translate into buying second-hand appliances as well? Let’s look at the facts about buying a second-hand appliance.

Parts for machines are not as easy to come by anymore. In the past, it was easy and cheap to find an extra drum or bearings for your machine. However, it is no longer so easy to find these parts. If you are not a dealer or have connections with a dealer, it can be very difficult and expensive to track down the part you need. It is often cheaper to hire someone to fix your machine, or buy a second-hand model. (more…)

Fixing A Noisy Washing Machine

Washing Machine Tips
A noisy washing machine is definitely a nuisance, but it usually only requires a simple fix. The first thing you must do is turn your machine off. Then try these tips to locate the problem and fix your machine.

1. Check for loose objects

Often, the noise is simply something banging around in there that shouldn’t be. Coins are a common culprit, as well as key rings, pens and any other small metal object that you may carry in your pocket. (more…)

Fixing vs Buying a New Appliance

Washing Machine Repairman

Home appliances are not only important for daily living, but they are a big investment for your home too. As such, when you buy an appliance, you want it to last for many years. The last thing you want to do is to spend a lot of money on a new one in the first couple of years. With that said, if you live in Sussex and one of your appliances is not working properly, you should consider having it fixed by an expert like us.

Why Not Replace? (more…)

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