Affordable Vacuum Cleaner Repairs – Dyson Service Worthing

The Affordable Appliance Repairs team in Worthing, West Sussex also specialise in vacuum cleaner repairs – not a lot of people know that! As well as offering their unbeatable service for fridges, freezers, washing machines, dishwashers, cookers and ovens, they are experts at fixing and refurbishing your old Hoover or Dyson and getting it back up and running quickly and cost-effectively.

Most parts can be sourced if necessary and every machine is handed back fully repaired, cleaned and ready to go on giving you ‘like new’ service.

Many people also bring in their old unwanted cleaners for the team to re-furbish and sell on to a good home – this saves un-necessary scrapping and fits in with their eco-friendly ‘fix it – don’t bin it!’ company ethos.

You can find these machines for sale amongst many other lovingly re-furbished appliances at the shop in Tarring Road, Worthing.

Give Affordable Appliance Repairs a call today if you have a vacuum cleaner problem that needs solving. If you have an unwanted Hoover, Dyson or any other make of cleaner bring it in to the shop and we will have a look to see if it can be re-cycled and sold on.

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