Cowboy Repair Companies – It’s Just NOT on

Having seen firsthand the amount of appliances at landfill sites I took a big interest in a stopping as many appliances going to these places when I set up business. Over the last few years we have STOPPED hundreds of appliances going to landfill sites, fridges, freezers, washing machines even dishwashers. I feel proud to say that!

Because we are able to refurbish to such a high standard you would find it difficult to tell our refurbished models are not brand new. Not only are we passionate about doing a quality job but also in reducing the amount of cowboy repair companies who write off appliances just because they’re not experienced enough to know what the fault is. They know where your money is though, in your wallet.

Recently we were given a top of the range Hotpoint fridge freezer (15 months old) which was heading for landfill because of an un-economical repair fault, yet today it will be arriving at the house of Peter Millikin, owner of The standard of the refurbishment will be brilliant and the fridge freezer will look no different to the day it came out of the Hotpoint warehouse (apart from a few little dents) and Peter will find it difficult to believe that on Wednesday this week it was on route to the Worthing dump. (We have told him if anyone is thinking of dropping him an email)!!!!

A Hotpoint fridge freezer like this NEW is around £550 -£650 yet refurbished would cost a customer of ours with a warrantee under £200.00. BARGAIN!

For people who can ill afford to waste money or are looking at ways to save money, help good business grow and be kinder to the environment then we should be your first choice for purchasing or repairing an appliance.
Affordable don’t take a deposit when you book an engineer; you pay when the job is completed and the oven is working. This is the same for all appliances, fridges, freezers, washing machines and dishwashers! We also have a fixed labour rate which means no hidden costs if we have to return another day to complete the job.
Just read our customer testimonials if you’re still unsure!

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