Fix it – don’t bin it! Be kinder to the environment

The affordable appliance repairs team operate under this slogan as part of their day-to-day ethos. Our whole aim in fixing machines, apart from saving you money buying a new one, is to save them from being dumped – or worse still – flytipped!

We have found that Worthing throws away far too many appliances that only need a simple fix or a spare part and we can dramatically reduce this by expertly repairing such items at an affordable price.

This saves you money and, hopefully, leaves you with a warm feeling inside! – it certainly makes our day when an expensive Neff oven or a much loved Hotpoint washing machine is raised from the ashes to fight another day!

Many appliances these days are thought of as a ‘throwaway’ item, being replaced after a very short period and scrapped. By calling Affordable Appliance Repairs you are helping us in our quest to reduce this wastage and make Worthing a cleaner, greener place for us all to live in. Needless to say all calls from further afield, whether Brighton, Shoreham, Lancing, Hove, Littlehampton, or other parts of Sussex are more than welcome and will only help us spread this message further!

We are also able to recondition appliances that were already on the way to the scrapyard, often giving them many extra years of life. You can find these bargain machines at our showroom in Tarring Road, Worthing so please feel free to pop along.

Be a part of our environmentally friendly team and ‘fix it – don’t bin it!

Our new online booking service is now available, or give us a call at Affordable Appliance Repairs in Tarring Road, Worthing

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