Fixing A Noisy Washing Machine

Washing Machine Tips
A noisy washing machine is definitely a nuisance, but it usually only requires a simple fix. The first thing you must do is turn your machine off. Then try these tips to locate the problem and fix your machine.

1. Check for loose objects

Often, the noise is simply something banging around in there that shouldn’t be. Coins are a common culprit, as well as key rings, pens and any other small metal object that you may carry in your pocket.

2. Ensure the feet are level

Every washing machine has feet that help keep it balanced. If one of these is coming loose, it will make your machine off-balance and will create a lot of noise when you run it. Loosen the locking nuts on the feet and then adjust the feet so they are level. Use a spirit level to ensure everything is correct. Do not forget to lock the nuts back into place, or the machine will quickly become unbalanced.

3. Ensure your load is balanced

Trying to wash one item at a time can cause your machine to be unbalanced and make a loud noise. Newer machines may have a mechanism that detects and regulates this, but they are not foolproof.

4. Check the drum bearings

This is a common cause for noisy washing machines. If the drum shows resistance when you try to turn it by hand, a bearing may be going out. Also look to see if the drum is aligned properly with the rubber seal. If not, a bearing is most likely the culprit. Unless you are somewhat versed in small machine repair, you will need a professional to check and change your bearings. Seek professional advice from the Affordable Appliance Repair team in Worthing and Brighton for fast, economical help.

5. Check the spider

The spider is the three-armed device at the back of the drum that holds it in place. If one of the arms is coming loose, it can cause a loud noise. Simply tightening the arm can solve the problem. If you are not sure how to check this, or do not know how to tighten the arms, seek professional help.

While many causes of loud machines can be simply fixed yourself, do not hesitate to seek help from Affordable Appliance out of Worthing and Brighton. Their professionals can give you advice or fix the problem for you easily and affordably.

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