Should You Purchase a Second-hand Appliance?

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In today’s economy, a lot of people are choosing to purchase more of what they need or want second-hand. Does this translate into buying second-hand appliances as well? Let’s look at the facts about buying a second-hand appliance.

Parts for machines are not as easy to come by anymore. In the past, it was easy and cheap to find an extra drum or bearings for your machine. However, it is no longer so easy to find these parts. If you are not a dealer or have connections with a dealer, it can be very difficult and expensive to track down the part you need. It is often cheaper to hire someone to fix your machine, or buy a second-hand model.

For an individual, refurbishing an appliance is going to be expensive. If you are interested in buying a second-hand appliance, make sure you buy from a trusted seller, such as Affordable Appliance in Worthing. We hire professionals that are certified to fix all sizes of appliances. Since we are Hotpoint trained engineers and have direct accounts with most appliance parts distributors, we can buy parts for your machine much cheaper than an individual can.

It can be tempting to follow up on ads you see offering unbelievable deals. Make sure you are alert to deals that are too good to be true. If someone is offering a reconditioned washer for £50, what is wrong with it exactly? The cost of pretty much any repair would equal or exceed £50 so offering a second-hand appliance at this cost should make you question the honesty of the seller.

When you use a repair company such as Affordable Appliance in Worthing and Brighton, we can often fix your machines for less than it is to buy one second-hand. However, we will give you an honest evaluation of whether or not your machine is worth fixing or if you should buy a new one. If you need a new appliance but can’t afford brand new, look to us for quality second-hand options.

Affordable Appliance has all the answers you are seeking for regarding both your new and old appliances. Call us today for friendly, professional help and the best prices you will find anywhere.

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